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Sweet Talker

Dear Readers,

                Its moments befor I half to be off to work but I thought I'd drop a blog befor my brother gets here and takes over my computer for a week, Dont get me wrong I love my brother to death but, we have 2 computers one which my fiance plays on and this one is mine. My brother stayed over last Thursday- Sunday so I had my computer Monday and Tuesday and 1/2 of today he'll be here at 5pm so from 5pm till whenever he decides to go home I'm computerless, Kind of irritating but what am I going to do about it right?

Anyway, I'm going to work on saying nice things about people and, turning the other cheek. <3 I want to be less competitive and, just be happy. :) Im not sure what its going to take to be less competitive but, I hope I figure it out soon because, I dont like it.

Love, Arizona

Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop

What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

1st Computer game, world of warcraft, yes I love it and still play today :)

Writer's Block: Bon appétit!

What is your idea of the perfect meal, including appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink?

I love chinese food :) so anything chinese and I'm good to go <3

Midnight Stroll

Hey readers! 

       So I just got back from a midnight stroll with the fiance, we took Sam and Molly (my Chiwa!) on a walk, it was nice out light breeze, stars shining bright, would have been perfect if we had, had something to talk about other then laughing at sam peeing on absolutely everything he saw. I'm actually kind of worried about our relationship, I tell him all the time that we dont spend enough time together but, you know when we do we have nothing to say to eachother, no conversation what so ever.. I dont want to be with someone whom I have nothing to talk to about. Maybe I should try engaging in conversation, I have no idea what I would bring up, which leads me to thinking that I have no idea who I'm dating.. 0.o ... wow.

Confused in Arizona

Tanning Adventure

I've decided to go on a tanning adventure, I love my Banana Boat and my Hawiian Tropic, also my Jergans Natural Glow but, this Kroger summer glow lotion was on sale for 2 dollars and something cents :) so I picked up 2 bottles of it. I havent seen any reviews on it so I guess I'll be making my own. :) I really need a tan and this fits in my budgit perfectly :D  Well gotta work tomorrow its 11:14pm :) Night LJ <3

<3 Monie

Random Summer Night


          So I thought maybe I'd start out with some free writing since I've got nothing to talk about at the moment. Its been a while since I've write in a journal or typed.  I'm currently doing nothing I was playing w.o.w with some friends but decided to get off for a bit. I had a pretty good weekend! My baby brother came over and stayed Friday and Sat night, we played video games, went shopping and just hung out. My fiance is at work right now he wont be back for another hour or so.

You know I tried setting up my user pic on this site and for some reason it wouldnt let me :(. I guess I'll give it another shot here in a few, mmmmmmm I want some icecream. Oh goodness look at me I'm all over the place with this blog :) I better go, good night journalbabes!

<3, Monie



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